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Meet Dr. Portia

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Dr. Portia Basham was always the young lady who had it all together. She was beautiful and successful, but she hid a secret pain that nobody knew about. She struggled with how maintain a healthy, happy marriage as God intended and this left her feeling disappointed, neglected and alone. Portia decided to use her pain as a driving force to help other women in society who were also struggling. She founded She Ministries, an online community that connects, empowers and teaches women how to thrive. The mission of She Ministries is to teach leading ladies how to heal from their secret struggles so they can be the best wives, mothers and leaders they can be.

Dr. Portia Basham is a multifaceted mompreneur, an accomplished brand and business strategist who ministers the Gospel with complete confidence, radiance, and grace.  With more than 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship and hospitality, she has learned that providing an excellent customer experience is key to success.


More than a strategist, she is also a mentor, biblical teacher, international speaker, 3x Amazon Best-Seller Author, and leadership coach. Her lifelong goal is to equip fellow ladypreneurs with the necessary tools and resources to stand firm on their purpose in their business and life. With her dynamic leadership and valuable experience, she hopes to influence and assist them in their life and business ventures.



She Ministries is a one-of-a-kind online community created with the intention of connecting, empowering and teaching women in society to thrive. It was founded by Portia Basham who desires to help leading ladies balance life and business while healing from their secret struggles of their past or present. She Ministries provides them with the tools, counselling and resources that they need to live their best life as God intended.


To teach leading ladies in society how to heal from their secret struggles of disappointment, abuse, neglect and other hidden pain while showing them how to balance life and business in the process


 Is to see women healed, set free, and thriving in life all over the world.

Client Testimonials

Janella M., FL

"It was a lovely event my friends had fun and enjoyed meeting new people, we look forward to the next event. Thank You"

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