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Hey my leading lady!

The Power of Transformation

Overcoming Your Hurting Place

Her Brokenness

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Vision Strategist

Biblical Teacher.


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Meet Dr. Portia!


Learn to be 100% Present For You...

Dr. Portia Basham is an internationally renowned visionary and entrepreneur, passionate about helping women realize their fullest potential. As a multifaceted mentor, biblical teacher, motivational speaker, consultant and coach she has dedicated her career to empowering others towards achieving God's purpose for their lives.


Her message of truth provides guidance on the often difficult journey from thought-to-action with real tangible outcomes that can be seen in everyday life. In discovering our own inner strength we are shown how no dream or goal should remain just out of reach!

You are not  alone.

Learn the Art of Balancing Life & Business Successfully.

The Royal Courts

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Join The Leading Ladies Tribe - A private community for women thought leaders who uplift and inspire each other as we navigate life, ministry and business while living on purpose!

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Overcoming Your Hurting Place

A transformative four-week virtual group coaching program designed specifically for women in leadership who are ready to overcome their secret traumas and step into their full potential. This program is crafted to take you on a journey from your hurting place to a space of healing, empowerment and breakthrough.


Ministry Courses

We believe in you and your ability to make an impact in the world. With our guidance and support, you can reach new heights and create a lasting legacy.  Take advantage of the various courses and free journals and let us show you how to impact the world the Kingdom way!

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1 on 1 Life Coaching Session

Are you feeling lost or stuck in life? Are you struggling to find your purpose or identify your passions? Do you feel like you're not living up to your potential? If so, let's schedule a 60 minute Life Coaching session, allow me to partner with you on your healing journey.




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