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The Power of Having a Supportive Husband for Raising a Special Needs Child – Ruth chapter 2, 3, 4

Raising a child with special needs is an extremely noble and rewarding experience. However, parenting a special needs child can result in challenges that stretch beyond the usual levels of being a parent.


As a mother of a special needs child, one of the most important people in your support system may well be your husband. Having a husband who stands by you and supports you through the difficulties can make all the difference in how you feel about the situation.

In this blog post, we will explore the power of having a supportive husband in raising a special needs child.

1. Communication is key

One of the crucial elements of a marriage that supports special needs children is good communication. Both partners must be able to express their feelings and concerns openly. A husband who is transparent about his emotions and listens intently to his wife's concerns is an advantage, as it provides a foundation for making decisions that help support the child's welfare.

2. Sharing responsibilities

Raising a child with special needs adds more responsibilities to the parent's plate. The best way to handle them is to share the workload of these new responsibilities, including appointments with doctors, therapists or child specialists, and managing daily routines. A husband who helps with these tasks is a considerable relief of the burden, making it easier to manage the care of the child together.

3. Emotional Support

Raising a child with special needs can be emotionally draining. This is where emotional support from your husband becomes essential. When one parent feels down or overwhelmed, the other spouse can provide the emotional support needed to get through a tough time. Having a supportive husband to share the tears, frustrations, and joy of raising a special needs child can benefit the parent's mental and emotional health.

4. Accepting the child's differences

Raising a child with special needs requires patience, acceptance, and an open mind. The child's differences can be challenging to comprehend, and it may take time to adjust. A husband who is willing to learn about the child's condition, embrace the differences, and accept the challenges that come with it will encourage a positive environment for the child.

5. Keeping the marriage healthy

It is essential to remember that a healthy marriage is crucial in raising a special needs child. The stress and added responsibilities of managing a special needs child's upbringing can take a toll on any relationship. To ensure that the marriage remains strong, couples must regularly dedicate time to themselves as a pair, away from the child. This helps to keep the love between the two alive, providing a strong foundation for the family.


Having a supportive husband when parenting a special needs child can make all the difference. It is incredible when both parents can come together because both of them can contribute to the upbringing of the child. A husband who is willing to share responsibilities, communicate openly, provide emotional support, embrace differences, and keep the marriage healthy is an amazing partner to have by your side. As a team, love, patience, and strength will grow and provide a solid foundation for the family. Remember to support and to celebrate each other's achievements and milestones on this journey of parenting a special needs child together.


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