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Becoming An Advocate for Your Child: Lessons Learned from Matthew 15:21-28

As a mother, we want nothing but the best for our children. We want them to grow up healthy, happy, and successful. But when our children face challenges, it can be difficult to know how to help them. In the gospel of Matthew 15:21-28, we find the story of a mother who became an advocate for her child. This story teaches us valuable lessons on how to become a mother advocate for our own children.


1. Be Persistent: In the story, the mother begged Jesus to heal her daughter. At first, Jesus ignored her pleas. But the mother persisted, and her determination paid off. She refused to give up until she had what she needed for her child.

Like this mother, we need to be persistent in advocating for our children. We should never give up until they receive the care they deserve.

2. Have Faith: The mother in the story had great faith in Jesus. She believed that He could heal her daughter, even when He seemed to ignore her request. Her faith in Jesus is what moved Him to heal her child. As mothers, we need to have faith in our children. We need to believe in them and their abilities, even when they face challenges. Our faith in them can give them the strength they need to overcome any obstacles.

3. Use Your Voice: The mother in the story was not shy about using her voice to advocate for her child. She was willing to speak up and ask for help, even when it seemed like no one was listening. As mothers, we need to use our voices to advocate for our children. Whether it be with doctors, teachers, or other authority figures, we need to speak up and fight for our children’s needs.

4. Be Willing to Learn: In the story, Jesus commended the mother’s faith and persistence. He also taught her a valuable lesson about faith and humility. She was willing to learn from Jesus and accept His teachings. As mothers, we need to be willing to learn from others. We need to seek out advice and guidance from those who have more experience than us. We should never be too proud to admit that we don’t know everything.

5. Trust in God: Ultimately, the mother’s faith and persistence paid off. Her daughter was healed, and she was rewarded for her belief in Jesus. Her story teaches us that we should put our trust in God. When we face challenges with our children, we can find comfort in knowing that God is with us. Our prayers and faith in Him can give us the strength to be the advocates our children need.


The story of the mother who became an advocate for her child teaches us valuable lessons on how to stand up for our children. As mothers, we need to be persistent, have faith, use our voices, be willing to learn, and put our trust in God. By following these teachings, we can become effective advocates for our children and help them overcome any challenge they may face.


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