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Supernatural Success: The Science of Shifting Your Identity as a Women Entrepreneur

Updated: May 29, 2023

Working in business, it is easy to feel like you are in a man’s world. Whether you are starting your own business or trying to break into an industry, understanding and leveraging the power of your identity as a woman entrepreneur is essential for success. This blog post will cover how to use the science of shifting your identity, and the tools that can help you be successful in any entrepreneurial endeavor.

The Power of Shifting Your Identity

Your identity is an essential part of who you are and you should never compromise it. However, there are times when “shifting” your identity can be extremely beneficial. In business, this means recognizing that sometimes the way we identify ourselves is not enough; we need to do more if we want to make an impact.

To do this effectively, it helps to think about how you want people to perceive you. As women entrepreneurs, our identities go beyond our gender—we also have unique skillsets and experiences that set us apart from other business professionals.

Once you recognize these strengths, use them to create an image of yourself that exudes confidence and authority. This will allow others to take notice and respect what you have achieved thus far.

Additionally, shifting your identity requires understanding how others view you—both positively and negatively—and then using those perceptions to further elevate yourself in their eyes. For example, if someone sees you as a “risk taker” then capitalize on this by emphasizing your ability to take risks while still making smart decisions. This type of shift allows others to see more than just your gender; they will also recognize all the great things about being a female entrepreneur that sets us apart from our male counterparts!

Utilizing Tools for Success

Shifting your identity as a woman entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight—it requires hard work and dedication over time. Using tools such as networking events, online courses/webinars/mentorship programs, conferences/workshops/summit events are all great ways for women entrepreneurs to gain knowledge about their industries and create valuable connections with other professionals in their field. These tools provide insights into best practices for running businesses successfully while allowing us the opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences (both good and bad). Additionally, attending these types of events gives us access to potential mentors who can provide advice on specific topics related to our profession or industry. Furthermore, utilizing various social media platforms such as Twitter or LinkedIn allows female entrepreneurs greater visibility in their respective industries as well as providing access to potential customers/partners/investors who may not have otherwise been aware of them without these platforms!


Leveraging the power of one's identity as a woman entrepreneur is essential for success in any entrepreneurial endeavor. By understanding how others view us positively or negatively we can use those perceptions to elevate ourselves while maintaining our own unique strengths that set us apart from male counterparts. Additionally utilizing tools such as networking events, online courses/webinars/mentorship programs, conferences/workshops/summit events, and social media platforms give us greater visibility while providing access to potential customers partners investors who may not have been aware otherwise. With dedication hard work shifts in ones identity can lead them towards supernatural success!

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